Career at Imperial Geographic

Imperial Geographic offers a unique opportunity to be part of an organization where every day matters. A career with us means working hard to achieve our mission in a collaborative and inclusive culture. We have a talented team with diverse people, ideas, interests, and skills. Our behaviors are guided by a deep commitment to Imperial Geographic’s internal values: being inclusive and respectful, curious and innovative, empowered and accountable, proactive, and team players.

If you are interested in having a career in Imperial Geographic then this is the right place.

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Be a photographer for IMPGEO. Explore the ‘Verse and tell your own story.

Being a photographer at Imperial Geographic is one of the most interesting job you can get. You will take part in expeditions and explorations, alone or with other photographers, and you’ll get your chance to tell the ‘Verse one story at a time. But this time, it will be your own story. You will capture the moment and drive emotions. You will explore the ‘Verse like no others.

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Be a reporter for IMPGEO. Use your pictures and articles to tell more stories.

If taking pictures is not your final goal but you aim to write stories of the ‘Verse and tell everyone how things are going around this is the job to apply for. Being a reporter at Imperial Geographic will make you travel the ‘Verse to find new stories to write, new people to interview and new goals to achieve. Make your name worthy to be remembered.

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* Applications which won’t provide requested information will default to Reader

** Your internship period will span for 60 days, then you will be evaluated by the Board which will rule to approve a promotion to a full membership or will rule against it. In the first case, you will become a full member. In the second case, your internship will cease and you will have to leave IMPGEO with no hard feelings from our side.