About us


Imperial Geographic’s mission is to help people from the ‘Verse understand better the space they live in and engage with them through pictures and content.


Imperial Geographic strives to be an inclusive institution that facilitates respectful dialogue, debate, and the free exchange of ideas. With a deep commitment to nature, environment and freedom of expression, we aim to inspire people to feel the beauty of the ‘Verse. In all its forms.


Imperial Geographic aims to be a landmark for all star citizens. We pursue this goal with our content, which inspires and fosters contemplation. We, ultimately, aim to become a beacon for this growing and ever-evolving community.



Imperial Geographic is founded on December 6th, 2948, by Bantam Cumberly, RedSolstice, and Azertovski, heeding a call to exalt the ‘Verse enthrall through a journalistic point of view. The organization’s commitment to take the ultimate shot puts it on a path to venturing to the farthest places mankind has ever been.


Imperial Geographic magazines are released all around the Stanton system and enthusiastically welcomed by citizens. Our photographers and reporters’ enduring efforts earn them the organization’s first of many more community MVP by RSI staff, just over a month after its birthing. IMPGEO’s ways of capturing emotions arise as the organization’s signature.


Magazines, interviews, coverages, articles, and documentaries are produced nearly all around the clock by a team of dedicated photographers, reporters, and editors—ensuring quality news is brought to star citizens. Imperial Geographic’s mission to tell the ‘Verse, one story at a time, steadily reaches a broader public.


Both the organization and its audience grow bigger, setting Imperial Graphic on a path to aim each day higher than the last. The community engages with our publications on a daily basis as our teams explore new ways to pursue the betterment of all mankind.


Renewed internal pipelines are implemented and set new standards for Imperial Geographic’s content as the organization prepares to sail for some of the biggest projects it has ever undertaken. Several focuses shift while new work habits are adopted.