Category: Laws of The Empire

Part IV – Metropolis

I spent three weeks in one of the largest hospitals on Terra, surgeries, recovery. It would have been longer but I checked myself out, I couldn’t take it anymore. I…

Part III – Survival

Deep Space Beeping of a time alarm wakes me up. I’m not dead so the life support systems held, the ship is still mostly depressurized and the emergency generator used…

Part II – Drifting

Lorville - Hurston - Stanton system - UEE Space After my mistakes and failures in Lorville my superiors decided I needed to be transferred. To do that of course, I…

Part I – Lost in the dark

Lorville - Hurston - Stanton system - UEE Space Stanton I and it’s satellites were sold to Hurston Dynamics in 2904. Soon after it was renamed to Hurston and it’s…

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