Category: Shards of War

Part IV – Damnation

The battle stops. The enemy has fallen back, without any doubt they are trying to regroup. They will come at us with armor and air support next time. We are…

Part III – Annihilation

“It’s time to fall back guys!” The volume of incoming enemies is becoming unbearable. “Fighting retreat. Three, two, fall back and cover!”I run down the street away from the assaulting…

Part II – Domination

It's a long fall. I close my eyes right before my descent boosters fire. I still hit the ground hard. Everything is hidden behind smoke and dust from my fall.…

Part I – Anticipation

The Valkyrie is rocking in the heavy anti-aircraft fire. The harness holding me and my suit in place absorbs most of the momentum but I still feel it. The technician…

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