Category: A journey through the Stanton system

So others may live

Life can be one strange occurrence, full of both wonders and mysteries. An accident that brightened the cold and dark reaches of space with vibrant and joyful light, while also…

Why do we fight

War. Suffering. Each of these words has always called for the other, all throughout history. And yet, they have endured from the most ancient times to our present day, and…

Remnants of war

Stanton is slowly rising in the distance. The centralized timing military units utilize to coordinate their operations states this is slightly before midnight, but from here? It looks just like…

Hurston Dynamics’ new “garbage processing” initiative

Justice. Only so often does a single word call for such diverse interpretations as this one. Evoke conflicting ideas. To some, justice is the state’s responsibility, one to be delivered…

The cost of remembrance

The sudden shakes that somehow seem to bounce inside the Cutlass’ hull as it shuts its Quantum drive down drag me out of the near lethargy I had fallen into.…

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