Become a Reader


IMPERIAL GEOGRAPHIC offers to every star citizen a very special kind of membership which allows citizen to become our readers. We have a special rank for our affiliate members.

Anyone who like IMPERIAL GEOGRAPHIC’s publications and read our magazines can be an affiliate with the rank of Reader. Nothing is required. Just to relax and enjoy our issues. But in this way you’ll let us know how much you appreciate our contents.

Readers just follow IMPERIAL GEOGRAPHIC on its social platforms and let us know what they think of our work. Their feedback is crucial to us. And we are committed to give our Readers the best contents in the ‘Verse.


By becoming a reader, you’ll get access to our exclusive contents. Check our exclusive contents on our Organization Spectrum. On regular basis you’ll receive a link to download new pictures and exclusive contents!

This is the first step to become part of our community. If you feel like you’d like to get your hands on even more exclusive contents, you can also become a Supporter.

As you can see, becoming a Reader is just the next step. To become a reader, just hit the “Join Us now!” button an apply for an affiliate membership. Simple as that.