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If you aim to write stories of the ‘Verse and tell everyone how things are going around this is the job to apply for. Being a reporter at Imperial Geographic will make you travel the ‘Verse to find new stories to write, new people to interview and new goals to achieve. Make your name worthy to be remembered.

Main Duties

  • Liaise with UEE journalists
  • Write press releases, edit articles and interviews in English
  • Support the writing of opinion pieces about technology, society and exploration
  • Manage press lists and support the organization of public events
  • Manage internal communication processes
  • Support the editorial team in editorial, curatorial or consultancy projects
  • Excellent in written English
  • Experience in working in more than one star system
  • Maintains relationships with other members, including photographers, fellow reporters and streamers
  • Cross-disciplinary interests – familiarity with history and current trends in the fields of journalism and communication, technology and exploration
  • Use of social media management tools
  • Availability to travel
  • Good ability to manage stressful situations and respect multiple deadlines
  • Enthusiastic and problem-solving attitude

What Imperial Geographic Offers

  • A non-profit scientific and educational organizations which operates within the UEE territory
  • The chance to operate in several different areas of interest like geography, archaeology, natural science, environmental and historical conservation and the study of ‘Verse culture and history
  • A well structured exploration management which grants for exploring new territories and getting to know the area of the ‘Verse you live in
  • The chance to be part of something both unique and intriguing at the same time
  • The chance to be known in the ‘Verse for your pictures or your articles
  • A team which acts like a family


  • Experienced journalist or writer
  • Must be team-oriented, organized and able to multitask
  • Writing and editing skills
  • General computer skills
  • Creative and professional knowledge of writing
  • Setup, control, and monitor writing tools
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Maintain high standards for creative output
  • Self-motivated
  • Great at problem-solving and working independently
  • Ability to work under pressure

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Start your internship now! You might be our next reporter. Your internship will be evaluated on monthly basis by the Board which will rule to approve a promotion to a full membership or will rule against it. In the first case, you will become a full member. In the second case, your internship will cease and you will have to leave IMPGEO with no hard feelings from our side.