200 Days

As you know… today it’s IMPGEO’s 200th day of activity. To me, it’s quite remarkable so I’d like to take some minutes to write something about it.

200 days. Math says is about 4,800 hours. For thousand eight hundred hours. This is the amount of time I’ve been here since the beginning, as Editor In Chief and many of our editors have spent almost the same amount of time in IMPGEO too.

Many of us, in here, has spent so many hours in taking pictures and creating contents, like our last interview, with Utho Riley, which has been just published and which is already getting attention from the Community.

Community. This is a strange word, you know? It defines everything and nothing at the same time. What is a community? A group of people which share the same interest? Then if that’s the definition we could say that, after 200 days and 4,800 hours in here, everyone of us is part of a our very own community. Our community. IMPGEO community.

Why I write this? Because IMPGEO job is done on daily basis. Not only by me, of course, but by all of you. Everyone in here does their part. For the group. For our community. For our group of friends.

When it all started, 200 days ago, we were just me and RedSolstice. That was all of IMPGEO. Then other begun getting along. It all started as a dare, you know? As an act of faith, if you want. Faith in a small project I had and that some of you decided to care about.

Now, 200 days and 4,800 hours later I look behind us and I gaze what lies in front of us. How many things we did. How many contents we created. How many people we’ve touched and involved in our job, daily basis, here on IMPGEO.

I couldn’t be more proud of this. Of you, guys. Of everyone of you. From our interns to our editors. Each of you brings to IMPGEO something very unique and interesting and in this case, it is really true: the whole (IMPGEO) is greater than the sum of its parts (members).

As you can see, we’re not the only photographic reality in the ‘Verse, in the Community. But we’re special. Not because we of what we do. But because of how we do it. How we related to each other. How we involve one another in our projects. There’s always someone saying “Hey, why don’t we do that or this?” and there’s always someone replying “Why not? Let’s to it!“.

There’s mutual respect and there’s interest in what other members do or like or play or whatever. This is what friends do. This is what a family does. We’re a family, believe it or not, guys.

We’re getting to the top. One step at a time. One story at a time. Roberts Space Industries is following us and our members. Very closely. We see it every day.

They interact with us, share our pics, our interviews. Our contents. This is the best of the results. But we’ve just started, you know? If we continue like this, along this path, no one will stop us. Never.

We learned how to work together, using all our tools. And this is remarkable too. Some of our new members will learn this very soon. I promise, so we’ll have even more photographers and reporters to use on the field.

200 days. 4,800 hours.

To me, it’s quite remarkable.

As the Editor In Chief I would like to thank YOU. Everyone of you. For making this possible.

For giving so much of your time and energy to this project.

To this group of friends.

To this family.

Happy 200th day IMPGEO!

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  1. Yay ! And thanks to the captain for staying passionate and involved in here, because without his lead and caring, nothing here would be the same !

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