Part III – Annihilation

“It’s time to fall back guys!”

The volume of incoming enemies is becoming unbearable.

“Fighting retreat. Three, two, fall back and cover!”

I run down the street away from the assaulting enemies. I find a wreck of a shot down Gladius and take cover. The enemy has no end.


We are falling back towards a crossroad. Our previous position was favorable but would become untenable soon. Our flanks are crumbling. There aren’t enough ground troops left to hold the line. There aren’t enough gunships to provide support, everything that can fly was routed to evac sites.

A burning Hornet screams above us, smashing into a building.

I look up and I see a parachute, the pilot managed to eject. He is going to fall right into our retreat. As soon as the pilot and his seat hit the ground I’m there.

“Stay behind me!”

I cover him to the nearest solid cover.
“Keep heading that way, there are evac sites!”
She nods and starts running cover to cover. I hope she makes it. We will need everyone when we strike back.

We continue our retreat until we reach the crossroad where friendly troops were supposed to be. They are not. Must have fallen back when they realized they were about to be overrun. They just left their emplacements there, half dug trenches and crates of ammo.

I can’t blame them, it takes a special kind of madman to stand fast in the face of this…horrifying enemy. An enemy that has no end.

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