Void Horror

The ‘Verse is so vast and yet we know so little. What awaits us in its outer reaches or even beyond our very own dimension? What significance holds our own little cosmos contrasted with the infinite realms that surround us? We may never know, but maybe this ignorance is bliss.

The mere knowledge of the unspeakable terrors that float indifferently through space and time, capable of dispelling our universe‘s existence with the wink of an eye, would drive even the most mentally stable person insane. The human mind is limited, it can‘t describe the incomprehensible.

When there are no words, nor math or science, artistry might shine a light and share a glimpse of what we mustn’t know. The fear of the unknown, forces we can‘t see or understand form the foundation of Cosmic Horror – also know as Lovecraftian horror.

Howard Phillips Lovecraft‘s tales of cosmicism have inspired many great works from past to present. And so they did with this issue of Imperial Geographic.



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