Xeno Threat

This past October, Stanton system has been attacked by XenoThreat, the Pyro terrorist group. Billions of words have been written, in centuries, terrorist attack after terrorist attack. Everywhere on Earth, even before we reached for the sky. Terrorism and bloodshed is something that cycle, every now and then. Every time, there’s always a plausible cause which leads people to attack of fight against other people. For centuries, people on Earth fought wars and attacked other countries. Thing is, you start to loose the grasp of it after some times. People tend to forget why the fight. We they embrace a short life full of violence and destruction. You get caught in the loop. Without being able to stop the circle. Because everything, then, revolves around you: anger, violence. Everything.

We live in a time where everything is our at fingertips. Everything. Knowledge and technology fill our lives. Every second. We learned so much. We understood so much of everything. Still, we lack the proper knowledge of ourselves. Our inner nature still misses on that bucket list. We still have to learn, it seems, the most important lesson of all. Perhaps we should step back a little, turn around and look at our past. Because the lessons was already there. For everyone to read and understand. We lack interest in making that lesson our lesson, today. Like in the past, those words fell unheard and unrecognized. Still, they’re here. For everyone to read and understand.

Every time XenoThreat attacks or every time someone else does it, feeling in the right to act in such horrible way, we loose another chance to understand what a great man said centuries ago. Maybe now it’s time to refresh our memory and print those words in here. Maybe they’ll help everyone, all sides involved, to stop for a moment. And watch the entire ‘Verse from another angle.

“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” (Martin Luther King, Jr.)



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