“Life is trying things to see if they work.” These few words from 20th century author and screenwriter Ray Bradbury seem to depict perfectly our world, today. Well, our entire universe, to be honest. The ‘Verse, as we know and imagine it, is a very complex thing to grasp and guess in its entirety. And if we stare at it for long enough, we might try to figure out what exactly is that keeps us flying in it. Relentlessly.

Day and night. Life after life. Endlessly. On a continuous journey. To see if things work, together, we need to put things in motion first. Together. It’s the meaning and the purpose of what we try to achieve that is important. It’s the sum of the parts that matters, not the individual ones. Ultimately, what we seek is a legacy. Something which we can call ours. Something to call home.

And what better example of a legacy and a place to call home than Hurston? This must have been the thoughts Solomon Hurston had when, back in the middle of the 25th century, he established what would have ended being one of the wealthiest company in the ‘Verse. This might be the very same thought people have when setting their feet on the surface on this planet the first time, today. The intricate pattern of life which lies in front of everyone who tries to get accustomed to this planet is still to be tamed and granted. Comprehended.

Our writers and photographers took a very endeavoring task in creating this magazine. They put their best efforts to discover the perfect angle to tell their story from. To shine a light from. To enrich that story. To explore the meanings. The beauty. And the perils which lie in there. Did they succeed in this hard task? Well, I think they did. What you have in your hands is their love letter to this planet which might be difficult to understand at first.

But, after all, we all know what it really takes to figure it out. After staring at its skies and stars for a while and after experiencing one of its brightest sunrises it all becomes clear, at one point. Like a picture in our minds. Like a frame, which tells a whole new story. Every time. Welcome to Hurston, then. Where things are never fully black and white. But rather in all shades of orange and red.



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