74 Days

I must admit it. I’m sitting in here, on a bench, in Lorville, staring at the sunset, through the windows and writing this on my mobiGlas and I can’t help but thinking about what to write for this editorial.

When I started writing this I wanted to point out many things we, as Imperial Geographic, did. Many things we accomplished all along this period, since its start. Then, suddenly, I realized that IMPGEO is 74 days old. Almost three months. Then, I opened my mobiGlass and stared at all our members, photographers and journalists which are part of the team.

74 days old is quite an accomplishment, you know? 74 days of team working, team building, team life. During these days we faced many and different situations, ranging from simple gathering and expeditions to complex and incredible events covering, such as the 2949 Daymar Rally.

We went through many different scenarios, in these 74 days, which, right now, I can’t count. But after all the hard work what I have in my hand, right now, is the fact that Imperial Geographic is, right now, greater than the sum of its parts. It’s greater than all our efforts put together.

It all started with an idea. A simple idea: to tell the ‘Verse. One story at a time. And after 74 days, I can say that this idea has been followed properly. By any means.

Imperial Geographic, right now, has many things to tell, to cover, to shoot and write. We grew fast and steady. We had our ups and downs, of course, as any other group has but we’re still here. And we’re working hard to bring the next big story to our readers, scattered cross the ‘Verse.

Being the Editor in Chief of Imperial Geographic is quite a unique experience, since I deal with emotions and drama on daily basis. And this is, after all, something which amazes me every day. Yesterday. Today. And tomorrow.

I can’t think of being doing anything else in the ‘Verse, right now. And this energy of mine is just a drop in this vast sea of emotions we’re collecting, day after day, week after week, pushing our boundaries beyond any measure, trying to reach that distant star, that distant shore where the news lie. Where someone has something to say which needs to be listened to.

This is what being us means. This is what taking picture and writing news means, if we want to achieve our goal. If we still want to follow that original idea.

The road ahead is long and difficult but we’re getting there. A step after another. A jump after the other. An interview after the other. A magazine after the other.

74 days and it seems we’ve just started. This is such an amazing thought. We just renewed our website and logo and we’re ready to make history.

In order to have our own story. A story to tell everyone, here in the ‘Verse.

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