What is journalism? A simple definition is that journalism is the act of gathering, creating and presenting news and information and also the product of these activities.

Why am I addressing this, right now? Because this interview deals with law and outlaws, and causes and affects of misbehaving. While following this lead we had a terrific experience in meeting one of the most interesting men in the ‘Verse, Lincoln Reyes who speaks freely, as a true free man.

We had a story to tell, here. And we did tell it to the best of our ability, but at the end of the day I think we all learned a lesson we can treasure forever: we can’t be biased by our own judgement. What we, as journalists and photographers, are here to do is simple: depict the ‘Verse as it is.

And when we do that, we know we did our job properly. We know we told a story which needed to be told. This, is one of those moments.

Read it on RSI Citizen Spotlight (English version)

Read it on RSI Citizen Spotlight (French version)

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DOWNLOAD (French version)

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