Strange comms on Port Olisar

Strange things are happening on Port Olisar, lately. It all started few days ago and since then people over there are getting mad about it.

But let’s proceed from the beginning and try to figure out what is really going on aboard the most famous station of the system and to recap what happened so far.

Things went south on Olisar when star citizens over there started hearing strange, garbled communications. At the beginning, almost no one payed attention to that but, hour after hour, spacefarers begun asking questions to local authorities.


Where did those comms come from? Who was speaking? People got worried about this. Word was spreading across the system.

As usual, when strange things happen somewhere in the ‘Verse, Imperial Geographic sent some of its reporters there to start digging and finding out clues and leads. Turns out, they did actually find something.

As you might know, following IMPGEO on its social media, they not only succeeded at recording those strange comms. They also might have a story to tell to every star citizen out there.

Initially, what was heard was just a simple sentence: It was

[garbled comm] …ATTENTION, PEOPLE OF STANTON… A GREAT INJUSTICE…[garbled comm]

Then, our reporters started digging more and more on the audio file. And they might have discovered something which, however, might frighten everyone. Still, we have the duty to report what we think might be a lead or, at least, a clue.


Our reporters found out that adding volume and messing with noise reduction would result in the audio message (which we provided on our official media account) saying


Who’s everywhere? And why?

Now, we understand the concerns and the fact that we might be wrong but still, what if we’re right? We suspect it’s no pirates who is messing around. Things might be worse than that. We’ talking about Vanduuls.

Why are we saying this? Because the comms are indeed garbled but they contain traces of what we could think an alien language of sort. Something which, actually, scares a lot if you think that Port Olisar and the Stanton are right beside Terra. We’re talking the worst case scenario here.

Unfortunately we don’t have any evidence right now to prove or disprove this hypothesis of ours but we have a constant presence on the station to report LIVE what is going on.

And we’ll be there until this mystery is solved. It’s a promise.


Since things are still messy at Port Olisar, we’re still covering the event, interviewing people and following any element which lead somewhere.

Interesting things come up when you start asking people who lives on Olisar what they think about this strange comms. Here are some of the more interesting thoughts and theories we collected so far.

A transmission from another system

When asked directly by of our reporter, star citizen Rovaxx stated that in his opinion these strange communications might come through a jump point, from another system. This might be interesting. A planned attack from somewhere else, maybe?

Pirate on R&R

Star citizen Bionuke has no doubt about this: pirates are gonna crush on R&Rs pretty soon. The reason might be obscure right now but some space raiders might come out from their hideouts and attack rest stops for good.

Comms are coming from… WHERE?!?

This is the most intriguing and frightening theory heard so far on Port Olisar. When Bionuke stated that these comms are close enough of Olisar to hear but not in other places star citizen Deep Nostril took the conversation from there and raised the bar of theories saying the strange comm was “so close, it could almost be inside“.

This, indeed, casts a new light on the situation. Are we talking about some pirates who infiltrated on the station? Is Olisar in grave danger? Are we talking about terrorism here?

It’s the Tevarin

While still trying to figuring out the terrorism thing, another star citizen gave us his thoughts, Viking66A, suggesting that “It’s the Tevarin!”. Qhen asked about it, he hinted at “the martial humanoid bird race the UEE has all but wiped out in two wars“.

This theory is as intriguing as Deep Nostril’s one, since Viking66A suggests that “The injustice was they are almost wiped out by the UEE, jailed and enslaved and the UEE is now occupying their planets“.

Agents infiltrating the UEE

Last theory so far is the one heard from Ken from Chicago, who asks to himself out loud “are the Vanduuls using pirate radio to mask secret communications to agents infiltrating the UEE?

He also provided a more in depth thought on that, asking another question: “Could a star citizen standing next you really be an agent reconnoitering–for space invaders?

We admit that that last question had us feeling shivers down the spine.


So many thoughts, so many theories and not a real proof. Thing is, right now no one knows what the hell is going on Port Olisar. What we do know, without any doubt, is that Imperial Geographic has put in place its own war room on the station, with its reporters and journalists giving almost live feedback from over there.

We’re gonna continue monitoring the situation and will keep everyone posted about this since we are worried about the fate of Port Olisar, of course.

If you happen to travel there for any reason, please, be advised of the situation.

Fly safe.

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