UEE is a vast place to live in. Imagine that: billions and billions of people, scattered across the ‘Verse. And while living in this thrilling region of endless space, you can easily imagine how many celebrations and recurrences there are, every day of the year. Among of all them there‘s one which celebrates the very core idea of UEE: CitizenCon. Every year this special occasion which warms our hearts can‘t simply be ignored. Why? Because it‘s celebrated in the old world: Earth. Not on a remote planet, somewhere, along some new border. No. It‘s celebrated where it all started, centuries ago.

And while things and people change, along the line of time, CitizenCon is here to remind us that being a star citizen is something unique. Something which can‘t be traded for anything else. CitizenCon is truly special, after all. Because it reminds us we‘re all part of the great ‘Verse. As one. We are a community of people, scattered across light years but ultimately, we are all living and sentience beings. Spacefarer, traders, explorers, soldiers and so on. We‘re all part of something bigger than the sum of its parts.

We are, definitely, a community. And this year, for the first time, this community earned a new meaning, for us. This year the community acted a single being. This year, Imperial Geographic was at the CitizenCon thanks to its community of readers and volounters which took on this incredible adventure for us. This special magazine you‘re reading now is made thanks to the efforts of our community. Without it, we wouldn‘t be here. And to thank our community, we decided to strip off every word from pictures and let them speak by themselves. Because the best way to celebrate all this is not with words. It‘s with your heart. Just look at all those happy faces. That‘s all of us. That, ultimately, is CitizenCon.



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