Are you ready to fight it out in the ring for fortune and fame? This was the advert Odyssey Interstellar put through Spectrum weeks ago. A simple question which, unexpectedly, resonated more than anyone could think.

The First championship fights was on January 19th and was a blast. Why? Not only because it was something which drawn people from around the UEE to attend and participate but also because the UMC was something truly unique. Something which has deep roots in every star citizen of the ‘Verse.

Sponsored by known organizations, fight clubs or fighting leagues, fighters got to demonstrate one thing in particular that, in these days, might be important for every star citizen out there: we’re not our job, we’re not the ship we fly, we’re not the contents of our UEC wallet. No. We’re more than that. We’re of flesh and blood and of a strong will.

Capable to live in the ‘Verse like real space being and able to fight and defend against almost everything.



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